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Cesar Vargas

Front-end Development & UI/UX Designer

Seattle-based with roughly 15 years experience in designing, building, and shipping modern web apps.



Projects that involved primarily front-end development, or development in general.


Logos, artwork, and other creative works.


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UI/UX + Front-end development

HeadLight Web App Suite

HeadLight is as suite of advanced digital construction management applications.Over the last 8 years my involvement has included UI/UX design for the native iOS application and leading the front-end development for the HeadLight suite of web applications.

UI/UX + front-end development


Stohke was a startup, social network whose aim was to bring the world's best brands, athletes and causes to your fingertips.I started contracting on my free time and pitching in on their existing AngularJS application. I would eventually lead the UI/UX design and front-end development that would transition Stohke from a simple app into a comprehensive social platform with hybrid iOS and Android apps.

UI/UX + front-end development


Classflow by Promethean was (sunset late 2023) a cloud-based teaching and learning platform that makes lesson planning easier and lesson delivery more dynamic. Complete with a specialized view for students, the two work in unison to provide a robust solution for lesson planning, delivering as well as student interaction and feedback.

Game Design & Development

Playdate Shooting Gallery

From the day it was announced I knew I wanted to make a game for the yellow Playdate console. I went from not having touched a single line of Lua to designing, building, publishing and releasing my first indie game on

Web Development + Hybrid App development

Sushi Stacks

I developed Sushi Stacks as fun way to tally up your meal total made specifically for use at conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. The only app that works for practically any conveyor-belt sushi restaurant and retains the experience of stacking your plates and calculates as you go.This hybrid app was made with AngularJS, jQuery Mobile, Cordova and used Firebase as a realtime datastore.


Graphic design + illustration + crowd funding

"Don't @ me bro" enamel pin

"Don't @ me bro" is an enamel pin that I designed, launched on kickstarter and successfully ran from start-to-finish.

Graphic design + illustration

Logo designs

A few examples of branding and logos that I have designed over the years.

Graphic design + illustration


Art and other random things I have designed.

Graphic design + illustration + Motion Graphics

Box Cat

Just a silly little project I did with my youngest daughter when she was 3 years old. Drawn in Procreate, animated and edited in After Effects.



Hi, I'm Cesar.

Since 2003 I've held positions ranging from Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, and Web Software Engineer. I enjoy learning and I always looked for ways to utilize my skillset to solve problems in unique ways.I'm bilingual in English and Spanish and hold bachelors and associates degrees in Multimedia Arts & Design with over two decades of experience in web development and and designing for web, print, motion graphics.I find that I gravitate towards projects that help people and could have a positive impact on their lives in one way or another (either directly or indirectly.)View my full resume at LinkedIn.Outside of work; I enjoy watching movies, playing video games and will occasionally take on a side-project to learn new technologies, or skills. This includes wood working, CNC, 3d printing, wrenching on cars; pretty much anything that keeps my mind and hands busy.